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  1. How to apply to get into polytechnic?

Application must be made by browsing through the web (www.politeknik.edu.my)

 2. There is no internet service within my area. Does polytechnic provide forms?

Applicants who face internet service problem may contact nearest HEP polytechnic KPT or Community colleges by phone or written for further details.

 3.  What is the charge for each application?

Applicants need to buy a PIN number to access e-form at any BSN branch at the cost of RM6 starting from the advertisement date.

 4.  What are the requirements for the polytechnics enrollment?

The enrollment depends on the courses and level of studies. Generally, applicant must be Malaysian. Must pass their SPM examination. For Diploma level the applicant must acquire at least 5 credits including Mathematic/ Add Maths. For Certificate level, the applicants must acquire either credits in Math/ Add Maths or Science/technical/Vocasional/ Profesional literature.

Further information on the enrollment can be obtained from www.politeknik .edu.my.

 5.   I am a community college graduate, what are the requirements to further my studies to a diploma level in polytechnic?

Applicants must complete their study in certificate level and obtain at 2.90 CGPA and one year experience after graduating from community colleges.If the CGPA is lower than 2.90, applicants must posses at least 2 years working experience.

 6.   Can I apply for Polytechnic Diploma courses by using my IKM certificates.

No.At the moment, polytechnic offers their courses to 4 graduate categories which are SPM holders, overseas graduates(relevant to SPM), polytechnic and community colleges certificate graduates only.However, students can apply to get course exemption or credit transfer for certain courses.

 7.   How many times does polytechnic enroll students in a year?

Students admission to polytechnic is done twice a year –in July and January.Application can be made in March and October every year.

 8.  When does polytechnic advertise its enrollment advertisement?

The enrollment advertisement to polytechnic is advertised twice a year(early March and Mid October)

 9.  Can I apply more than one application?

Applicants are allowed to make only one application for every enrollment session.every applicant is given 2 choices of courses to be applied.However applicants are allowed to check and change their details from time to time until the closing date.

 10.  How do I acquire the result of my application?

Results of the application can be checked through:

                SMS by typing POLI<space>ID number and send to 39911

(example POLI<space>900101015111)

 11.   What is the action taken by polytechnic if I have given wrong information in my application form?All the information given must be checked thoroughly meticulously by the applicant.All details will be evaluated and merit will be given in offering to the applicants.Any mistakes made will caused the applicants have registered into the polytechnic. 12.   What should I do if I realize I’ve given the wrong information after the closing date?

Applicants are advised to re-apply on the next session.

 13.   What are the fees charged by polytechnics?

Study fee – RM200/per semester

Hostel fee – RM60/per semester

Registration fee – fixed by polytechnic, approximately RM500

 14.   How many main academic departments in PSMZA?

PSMZA consists 4 main academic departments which are Civil Engineering Department,Electrical Engineering department,Mechanical Engineering Department and Information Technology and Communication department.

 15.   How many academic support departments in PSMZA?

There are 2 academic support departments; General Studies Department and Science, Mathematics and Computer Department.

 16.   What are the facilities provided in PSMZA?

The facilities provided in PSMZA Islamic Center, gymnasium, stadium, main lecture hall, library, cafeteria, shops, las, workshops an Bauk lodge.

 17.   May I request for course exchange after received the offer apart from the course offered?

Any request must be submitted to the Bahagian Pengambilan Pelajar (Students Admission Center), Sektor Pengurusan Politeknik, Purajaya.

   18.   May I request to transfer to polytechnic nearby?

Any request must be submitted to the Bahagian Pengambilan Pelajar (Students Admission Center), Sektor Pengurusan Politeknik, Purajaya.

 19.   I am from a low income family background. Do polytechnic offers any loan for the students?

No but Ministry of Higher Learning has offered education loans under Tabung Pusingan Pinjaman Pelajaran (TPPP) for certificates students and PTPTN for diploma students.Besides,JPA,Yayasan Negeri and other corporate bodies are willing to offer education loans to the qualified students.

However,polytechnic will gives hands to assist students in applying loans and so on.

 20.   How much is the loan rates offered?

In average TPPP will offer RM3000 a year for certificates level and PTPTN will offer RM5000 a year for diploma level.Terms and condition are applied.

 21.   Do I need to bring x-ray film during registration day?


22.   Can I do my medical checkup in private clinic

Yes as long as there is approved by the doctor. Any fee/payment is disclaimed.

 23.   When do the polytechnic send an offer letter to candidate?

Successful candidate must print out confirmation letter and offer reply letter via polytechnic’s website.Candidate must send all the documents needed to the respective polytechnic.After confirming all the documents and no irrelevant information found, an offer letter and registration documents will be posted to the candidate.

 24.   After graduating from Polytechnic, where can I further my studies?

Certificate and Diploma holder from Polytechnic  can further their studies in IPTA/IPTS either local or abroad.

 25.   I am working, is Polytechnic offering any part time courses?

There are 14 polytechnics offer part time courses.The courses offered are limited.Teaching and learning will be held during weekend and public holiday.For further information please contact Politeknik Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Training and Continuing Education Unit, Dungun Terengganu.Phone number:09-8400832

 26.   Are there hostel provided by the polytechnic?

The hostel capacity is limited in all polytechnics and only selected students will be given priority by the polytechnic management which are:

a)      Semester one students

b)      Students who participate actively in sports and co-curricular activity.

c)       No discipline record.

 27.   Are there any help given to students who are offered hostel facilities?

The polytechnic will list down the rental house owners.Any negotiations are between the students and the house owner themselves.Any negotiations are between the students and the house owner themselves.The polytechnic will not involve in the negotiation.however, the students welfare are still under polytechnic responsibilities (Students Affair Welfare and Discipline Unit)


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